Help: THERMOS Changelog


Version 5

07 June 2019

  • Added fallback linear models for heat demand prediction. These models are used when the predictors for a building are far out of range for the SVM model
  • Fixed a bug where importing a map would delete everything in any other map within the bounding box of the imported data (!)

04 June 2019

  • Added some documentation about use of user data in the CSE thermos installation
  • Switched to an azimuthal equidistant projection for connector creation. This should make the connectors more sensible
  • Added a tool for introducing new connections into a problem
  • Swapped the green colour (not in solution) for yellow
  • Added colours to the selection info panel to act as a key to the map colours
  • Added the necessary EU funding statement to the front page

17 May 2019

  • Wrote some more documentation
  • Improved the display of solution finances to include connection costs
  • Added a faint dotted underline to UI elements that have a help tooltip

15 May 2019

  • Improved the documentation system
  • Modified map creation wizard so that an input heat demand of zero is respected
  • Started the changelog