Help: THERMOS Help


Welcome to the help for THERMOS. You can search the help if you know what you are looking for:

1. Application overview

An overview of THERMOS - start here
An introduction to THERMOS, if you have never used it before
Projects and maps
Describes what's in project pages and how to create maps with OpenStreetMap or your own GIS data
This section answers some frequently asked questions
A history of changes to the THERMOS application
Licensing and data protection
How THERMOS is licensed, and what we do with your data.

2. Network model

Network model user interface
Describes in detail the parts of the user interface for the network model.
Technical description
An introductory description of what the network model does, and a more precise technical definition
Network model validation
A summary of the validation work done on the network model

3. Supply model

Supply model user interface
Describes in detail the supply model's user interface
Relationship to the network model
Describes how a network model's results are used as input to the supply model
Technical description
A description of what the supply model actually estimates

4. Demand estimator

Demand estimation methodology
Summarises how THERMOS' heat demand estimation model works.

5. Data sources

Suggested values for parameters and default values
This document is not ready yet
References for data used in THERMOS
This document is not ready yet