Help: THERMOS help


Welcome to the help for THERMOS. You can search the help if you know what you are looking for:

1 Introductory materials

If you have no idea what THERMOS is, this introduction might help
Quick start overview
If you want a quick walkthrough of how to use THERMOS, this may help
A history of changes to the THERMOS application

2 Help using the program

Creating maps
Explains the different options for creating THERMOS maps from OpenStreetMap or your own GIS data
Designing heat networks
Explains the user interface for the heat network editor

3 Help about model details

Network model calculations
Explains what THERMOS is calculating when it evaluates a network.
Heat demand estimation method
Explains how heat demand estimates are made
Network optimisation formulation
A technical description of how the network optimisation works
Describes how insulation is modelled

4 Help about data

Data used to make THERMOS
Explains what data we used to build the models in THERMOS
Index of parameters
Describes all the different kinds of data you might need to put into THERMOS to use it effectively, how the model uses it, and suggestions where to find information
List of references
Links to places where you can read more about the concepts THERMOS uses